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50 has done everything possible to embarrass the man, from overt threats to relatives of Miami associates to downright humiliating pictures. But Ross refuses to let any of this faze him. It's actually kind of ridiculous, like the fighter who just won't stay down even though he's clearly already suffered brain damage. Except in this arena, there are no judges looking for technically superior fighting (in which case, clearly the brain-damaged fighter should add the towel). In this arena, there are fans and usually are dollars. Ross' album was not shelved. He has not been dropped from his recording contract. He still performs at packed spots. The ability to still stand counts for something below.

8-15 Homer's Phobia-John Waters guest stars as the gay character John who Homer initially likes until he is told that John is gay. Homer tries additional medications sure that Bart doesn't become gay by taking him on butch activites. One of which turns to be a gay steel mill. Of course, Homer eventually for you to accept John but given that he saves his life.

The ghosts (Kate Eifrig and Nic Few) invigorated the scenes with irony, wit and compassion. The comedy were out of place. As well as the comic moments worked especially well with Angela Timberman as Scrooge's housekeeper Merriweather. She underwent no transformation, stayed true to her dour soul and had more than one scene-stealing perfect moment.

11-17 Bart to the Future-Bart is told about his future (it is held in 2030) by an Indian Casino manager. Bart is demonstrated to be a little loser in which has a band & lives on hand outs from the now blind Flanders (due to lasik eye surgery). will be the president. Homer & Marge have an extraneous storyline that is even mentioned as being such the particular show. When Bart helps Lisa his only request is that she "Legalize it".

7-4 Bart Sells His Soul-Bart sells his soul to Milhouse for $5. He knows that everything lacks is poignancy without a soul. Additionally has a creepy dream that concerning this.

Where the real money is at, however, seems for you to become in the uniform. The Kwik-E-Mart uniform is not officially purchase at the converted 7-11 stores. Employees at these stores can wearing the special Kwik-E-Mart uniform this month. Quite a few of these uniform shirts sometimes make it onto e-bay, and are usually being sold for high dollar results. At this moment, about a day and a half left associated with auction, one uniform shirt is currently at a $260 wager. Another is going for $81, but has 5 days left regarding auction. Usually likely that both impeccable premier shirts will sell for assorted hundred greenbacks.

Stark is exiled household and took a long grueling work for balance getting his act together during that she developed a suit for Pepper who had more of one's utilitarian way of aiding in crisis positions. It was named "Rescue" and was more within the defensive armor than agressive.

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